An introduction to us

We are Allianz Nut Foods, the major nuts procurer, processor and exporter in India with a world-wide market presence. Our products are being consumed throughout the globe and is much appreciated for its premium quality, taste and value. We took off right from where our pioneers left off and continued their path of accomplishment in delivering superior quality and efficiency to customers.

We are very picky in terms of selecting our suppliers and stipulate a no compromise policy when it comes to delivering quality. We source directly from farm-gate suppliers worldwide, capable of delivering the most sustainable and finest quality raw materials to our in-house processing units in India. Our procurement chain is profoundly big with supplier relationships all over the world built over years of trust and cooperation. Also, the processing facility of Allianz Nut Foods are engineered with state-of-the-art technology to deliver excellence and value to our dear customers.

When it comes to R&D, we are always one step ahead. We are partnered with prominent research partners located on various parts of the world to give our customers unique products and services that satiates their taste and health. Delivering healthy products is our key priority and therefore our R&D partner strives to develop products that supplements health and nutrition without a compromise in taste.

Wisdom comes with age. Like our former pioneers, we firmly hold our promise to keep consistency in offering premium quality and to stand out unique under any circumstances. We are also committed to mother earth making sure our practices are sustainable and eco-friendly. We as an organisation are very grateful to our consumers worldwide for their persistent belief and support that made us who we are today.

Our journey in a nutshell

Despite coming from a family of nut entrepreneurs in Kerala (known as the capital of cashew nuts), our pioneers, who had no prior experience but immense passion, started their journey in the nuts industry as sales representatives.


Within a span of two years, they established themselves as the top sales partners of the state


Our ambitious and passionate pioneers spinned off their first manufacturing facility in Kerala, India in 1998 to deliver high quality nuts to the Indian market with the facility, over time being upgraded to true state of the art, employing nearly 1500-2000 people.


The company expanded its market base globally starting from the UAE to Singapore, Malaysia, Algeria, Qatar, Europe, Saudi Arabia and finally the US. The products of the organisation were sought-after globally for its premium quality, earning them a superior reputation.


The organisation which is now Allianz Nut Foods Pvt Ltd has been relentlessly delivering excellence in quality and taste to its customers worldwide which is reflected in the recognitions received by the organisation. Nothing has changed since 1998 except for the organisations persistent pursuit in innovating and enforcing its true essence of values and promises in taste and excellence.

Our mission
Our purpose is to provide the greatest products at the lowest possible price while never losing sight of customer pleasure.

Just by utilizing high-quality ingredients, taking a flexible approach, providing exceptional service, and striking the right balance between innovative machinery and skilled workers, we hope to achieve the best results. This allows our consumers to easily and favourably enjoy our products, adding value to their selection and improving their happiness.

Find your way to quality nuts through Nutway

ANF inducted its new brand “Nutway” to its customers with a promise to deliver Nuts with exquisite taste flavours, unique to the market. With the complete support and due-diligence of our people, who thrives to bring in perfection at every step of the production process, the value created is outstanding. Our R&D teams works tirelessly to come up with new taste flavours that dominates the current trends delivering a never before taste experience to our consumers.

Nutway is the one stop destination for all our consumer’s needs concerning nuts. From the selection and design of the packages to the multiple levels of quality testing of the contents, a lot of thought has been applied to make the consumer experience exceed expectations and also to better safeguard the environment. At these unprecedented times of Covid-19, the organisation has adapted sophisticated safety procedures and hygiene routines to deliver first-class products safely to our consumers without compromising on the health and safety of our beloved people.

Facility and Certifications

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries, innovative processing lines, exceptional workforce and quality control built to certified standards of production. Moreover, food safety is our top priority. Our whole manufacturing cycle is regularly assessed and, if required, enhanced to maintain compliance with the strictest food safety requirements. The first part of our production cycle begins from inspection in our source.

As a result, we require our suppliers to have all of the essential certifications for their and our products' manufacture, transportation, and storage. We also perform thorough inspections and audits to guarantee that they fulfil our quality, food safety, and environmental standards. ANFPL is completely certified to handle and store most types of nuts and it goes without saying that what applies to our suppliers also applies to us.

We Believe

We at Allianz Nut Foods believe that goodwill blossoms from gratitude, that the only way to completely appreciate anything is to have a thorough comprehension of it. And that appreciating, respecting, and acknowledging others around us produces a positive energy loop that drives goodwill and excellence.

We believe in fairness. We make tasty, nutritional, and reasonable snacks available to everyone. We think that everyone who contributes to the supply chain should be recognized and adequately paid.

We're also devoted to environmentally friendly and sustainable sourcing procedures that help farmers and farming communities all around the world.